Mechanic: Resurrection

"I've spent my whole life setting people up to die. I want to set you up to live."   - Bishop

release year: 2016
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray, 9/15/19 and 10/20/17 and 11/24/16

synopsis: Assassin Arthur Bishop is forced to perform three jobs, each of which must be done in a limited amoubnt of time and look like an accident.

impressions: I'll agree with anyone that the plot was fairly thin, but this isn't a movie designed to win an Acedemy Award for best plot or best acting. It's a pure action movie, and on that level, it succeeds. Boy does it ever. There are too many hand-to-hand fights to keep track of, and also a lot of gunfights and neat stunts. Just in the final action sequence alone, Bishop takes out twenty-five bad guys.

acting: Jason Statham is the world-weary and somewhat-sympathetic veteran assassin. Jessica Alba is a tough, competent girl who he somehow falls for. Sam Hazeldine is a bad guy whose motivations are a little too simple (I didn't see the need for the personal connection to Bishop's past.) Michelle Yeoh is a woman who helps Bishop. Tommy Lee Jones has a brief but fun role as an arms dealer..

final word: Very action-packed sequel.

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