Mortal Kombat

release year: 1995
genre: martial arts/action
viewing setting: most recently, home DVD, 12/24/07

synopsis: Otherworldly villain wants to invade our world, but first his agents have to win a fighting tournament in which Earth's best martial artists will participate.

impressions: The plot is hokey, but at the same time, it's the best it can be, considering. The action, on the other hand, is top-notch. Skilled fighting is combined with weird techniques and weapons - plus spectacular special effects and a pulsing techno soundtrack - to give us an outstanding movie. The colorful characters, both good and evil, each get to fight someone at least once; the fights are great.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A gigantic, 4-armed warrior.

acting: Surprisingly good...

final word: the best movie adaptation of a video game, ever

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