The Mummy

release year: 1999
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD 5/24/19 and theater 5/7/99

synopsis:  A 3000-year-old mummy is brought back to life, and begins to re-establish his power base.

impressions:  I liked it. It kept moving and kept me entertained. It wasn't a monster movie, as much as a hybrid of Indiana Jones and an action movie and a monster movie. From the previews, I figured this would be a monster movie, but the mummy only lasted as long as it took to regenerate into a human. This human, a high priest, had all kinds of powers which he then used to try and achieve his goals. The movie had a lot of humor, and like Deep Rising (this director's last effort) it didn't take itself too seriously.

acting: Brendan Fraser did a great job as a capable action hero with a wisecracking side. Rachel Weisz is his historian love interest. John Hannah is her profit-seeking brother. Arnold Vosloo is perfect as the sinister, scheming high priest who's come back to life and wants to continue achieving his past goals. Kevin O'Connor is a thoroughly cowardly and lying schemer.

final word: Great action/adventure with plenty of humor and some horror elements.

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