The Mummy Returns

release year: 2001
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: theater, 5/11/01
what I expected: based on the previews, a thrill-ride sequel
what I got: exactly that

synopsis: Not only is the mummy back, but so is another ancient power.

impressions: I'll make this brief: it never lets up for more than a few minutes - a nonstop ride. Good monsters, good action, good lines, good effects. I had some problems with the young son's presence, plotwise, but that can be overlooked. I also had some problems with a reincarnation-type element that I can't identify here without giving something away.

acting: Mostly a reprisal of characters from the first movie, some of whom have more to do here, some less. Add on the Rock, who played the Scorpion King, plus the little boy.

final word: Solid but corny entertainment, leave brain at home and enjoy!

rating: B-

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