Murder at 1600

release year: 1997
genre: drama
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 8/26/97
what I expected: shady government cover-up of some kind
what I got: fairly entertaining murder mystery with some plot twists

synopsis: Murder is murder, and bears investigation - but when the murder happens inside the White House, all the rules change.

impressions: Not a bad movie, and as I said, it had some good plot twists that kept the viewer guessing. However, there were certain implausibilities...mainly, the fact that any murders committed in the White House would be instantly and totally buried.

acting: Well, this was pretty much a Wesley Snipes vehicle, and he did okay. Diane Lane was good as a sharpshooting Secret Service agent who ends up helping Wes solve his mystery.

final word: Fast-paced and entertaining crime drama.

rating: C

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