Mysterious Island

release year: 2005
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/29/12

synopsis: A bunch of people crash-land on a remote island and must deal with gigantic animals as well as the legendary Captain Nemo.

impressions: This was a fairly entertaining made-for-TV movie. It had plenty of action, mystery, characters, plots, and special effects and suitably invoked that ~1860s-era sense of wonder.

acting: Kyle MacLachlan is the engineer/leader of the group. Danielle Calvert is the main woman, and Gabrielle Anwar is her rather stupid daughter. Patrick Stewart is the angry-at-the-world Nemo. Roy Mardsen is his old, sole surviving servant/helper. Vinie Jones is an evil pirate captain. Omar Gooding is an ex-slave who's quite useful to the good guys' group.

final word: Entertaining adventure.

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