NASA: A Journey Through Space

release year: 2015
genre: documentary
viewing setting: home DVD 6/25/17 to 7/2/17

synopsis: This documentary covers the history of space travel, from the first attempts at manned flight to the current state of things.

impressions: This was five hours of space exploration history, well-organized and -narrated. It mixed a narrated timeline with actual footage, and covered everything. There were seven parts, and they covered pretty much everything in great detail. One unusual note: part 4 ended after the Apollo missions, so the space shuttle was to come next...but part 5 started with a short discussion of early attempts at flight, which really belonged with the other such material in part 1.

acting: official site

acting: n/a but the narration (and the clips of Kennedy and various astronauts) were top-notch

final word: This is about the most comprehensive but concise history of space travel that anyone could ask for.

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