National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

release year: 2007
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/28/08

synopsis: In order to save his family's good name, now-semi-famous historian/treasure hunter Ben Gates and his friends (including both of his divorced parents) must unravel clues and solve puzzles.

impressions: Like the first movie, this one was quite entertaining, and was full of mysteries and adventure at numerous locations. This one had even more travel (Paris, London, the White House, Mt. Vernon, Mount Rushmore) and even more outlandish plot elements (like arranging a meeting with the President, and then kidnapping him for a short time.) It can get complicated, and you have to pay attention to truly follow the plot.

something this movie has that no other movie has: the "Book of Secrets" (a collection of documents that has only been seen by U.S Presidents)

acting: Nicolas Cage reprised his role as a quirky but sharp historian/solver-of-mysteries. Jon Voight played his father, who was much more active this time around. Helen Mirren debuts as Cage's mother, who hates his father. Diane Kruger returns as Cage's love interest and fellow historian. Justin Bartha also returns as Cage's sidekick, a security/electronics expert. Ed Harris is the bad guy this time around, and Harvey Keitel reprises his role as an FBI big-shot in the Washington area.

final word: Another damn good treasure hunt.

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