A Nightmare on Elm Street

release year: 1984
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/6/99
what I expected: something that might actually be scary
what I got: somewhat original horror movie and concept

synopsis: Teens are menaced by an evil being who can appear in their dreams/nightmares and harm/kill them there.

impressions: It was fairly original and entertaining. The capabilities of the villain seemed clearly defined and consistent (this is important to me in this kind of movie.) The genuine shock/scare value wasn't as great as Halloween (or even Friday the 13th for that matter) but for most people, this would be a scary movie.

acting: Decent. Robert Englund tended to ham it up as the bad guy.

the good: A few scary moments, consistent bad-guy powers.

the bad: Slow at times, had moments of teen stupidity.

final word: Slightly above-average horror movie, definitely not a classic though.

rating: C

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