A Nightmare on Elm Street part 4: The Dream Master

release year: 1988
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/12/99
what I expected: not much
what I got: more proof that this series never should have progressed beyond a single movie

synopsis: Freddy isn't dead after all (big surprise) and goes about his business yet another time.

impressions: Let's get something straight: these movies make no sense and don't stay consistent with one another. Freddy can't be killed; unlike Michael Myers or Jason or Leatherface, Freddy can't even be slowed down. Nothing can hurt him. Nothing can stop him. He can function and kill in both the dream world and the real world. He alters both realities to suit his whims, and in fact, from what I've seen in these four movies, he could just kill anyone he wanted to, instantly, without having to worry about such things as logic. Given these facts, I see no reason for any more of these movies to be made.

acting: I do have to give Robert Englund credit, because his hamming-it-up one-liners actually do get better and more frequent with each successive movie. As for the kids/victims, they might have been interesting if any of them had lasted more than ten minutes.

the good: Occasionally noteworthy special effects and humor moments, brief flash of female topless.

the bad: Same old crap: lack of plot, horribly-done sound effects that try and fail to provide any real scariness.

most entertaining moment: Dog urinates flame onto Freddy's old gravesite, bringing him back to life.

final word: Blah.

rating: C-

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