Wes Craven's New Nightmare

release year: 1994
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/20/99
what I expected: not much
what I got: tiny twist on the same old crap

synopsis: It's the real world, and movie star Heather Langenkamp starts getting visits from Freddy.

impressions: All they did here was take the same ideas and problems they'd been using for five sequels...and throw in the plot twist of having the heroine play herself. That's all. Aside from that and some new and more sinister Freddy makeup, this movie was identical to all of the others - which means it sucked.

acting: Robert Englund was obviously too burned-out to make many wisecracks this time around. Heather L. actually did a decent job of acting - but she should have saved it for a real movie.

the good: Mildly more entertaining than most of the others.

the bad: Annoying quiet-to-loud sound effects, lack of nudity. These directors need to learn that suddenly thundering music isn't scary, and that copious nudity can make up for lack of plot.

most entertaining moment: When Rex got shredded.

final word: I'm fairly confident that this franchise has been tapped out, and I'm glad. As a series, these seven movies started out with a marginally original idea but quickly descended into the depths of mediocrity. The only remaining potential for Freddy is if he can face Jason (from the Friday the 13th series) for some battle. Now THAT I'd pay to see.

rating: C

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