release year: 1922
genre: horror
viewing setting: home VHS, 2/24/01 and home DVD, 11/21/97
what I expected: an old horror movie with lots of shadows
what I got: pretty much that

synopsis: In a re-telling of the Dracula story, Count Orlok comes to Germany, and must be stopped by the few who understand what he is.

impressions: This was an "Expressionist" movie, and used a lot of shadows and lighting tricks, as well as moody music. It was silent, with text panels in-between the action. I enjoyed watching it, and it's an outstanding work for its time.

acting: Since this was a silent movie, facial and body expressions were everything. While the other actors and actresses did a good job, it was the gaunt, freaky-looking Max Schreck who brought the vampire Orlok to grisly life.

final word: Worth watching, but may not hold up to repeated viewing unless you're a vampire fan.

rating: C

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