Nosferatu the Vampyre

release year: 1979
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/10/99
what I expected: wasn't sure (a remake?)
what I got: a horror film with style, but not substance

synopsis: This is the basic Dracula story, though unlike the 1922 version this one used the names "Dracula" and "Harker."

impressions: was moody, and made good use of lighting, shadows, and music. the plot differed somewhat from the standard "Dracula" plot, in that Jonathan had vampiric influences, Van Helsing was completely ineffective, and it was ultimately up to Lucy (Jonathan Harker's wife) to stop the vampire. Side note: the movie was German, so we get subtitles.

acting: Klaus Kinski did a good job (also thanks to makeup and lighting) as the vampire. Isabelle Adjini was fine as Lucy, once she activated (for the first half of the movie, Lucy was a whining, weak mess.)

final word: Like the 1922 version: worth watching, but may not hold up to repeated viewing unless you're a vampire fan.

rating: C

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