Ocean's Eleven

Rusty: "I've changed."
Danny: "Guys like us don't change...we stay sharp or we get sloppy. We don't change."

release year: 2001
genre: drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/2/13 and 3/15/09 and 7/6/03

synopsis: A master bank robber gathers a crew of experts to pull off a massive Las Vegas casino robbery.

impressions: Very slick and entertaining. I don't doubt that the original was good too, but this one was made for the current generation, using its favored actors. The planning and execution of the robbery were, as in most heist movies, very fun to watch unfold.

things to watch for: The little vignettes showing the recruiting of the gang.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A guy folding up inside a tiny metal box.

acting: George Clooney was very charismatic as the leader of the thieves, but I thought his character was flawed for two reasons: 1) he risked ruining the plan by going after Tess, and 2) he didn't seem vital to the plan after a certain point. Brad Pitt did a good job as the second-in-command though I think he could have run the whole thing himself. Julia Roberts seemed stuck-up and snotty and stupid as Tess, the casino owner's current love interest (and Clooney's ex.) Andy Garcia made a good, serious, menacing casino owner.

final word: Good crime caper.

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