October Sky

release year: 1999
genre: drama
viewing setting: theater, 6/1/99
what I expected: didn't know
what I got: a good story

synopsis: This is based onthe actual experiences of four coal-town boys who dreamed of launching rockets, and did so no matter what odds were stacked against them.

impressions: This was a top-notch movie. It was inspirational, funny, sad, heartwarming, all at the same time. I usually don't watch movies like this, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. And although I won't need to see this one again (often, anyway) it was still a great movie.

acting: Good job on all fronts, from the four kids to the father to the teacher who inspired them.

final word: Worth seeing, especially if you were a smart kid in high school.

rating: C+

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