Olympus Has Fallen

Secret Service Director: "Is he alive?"
Agent Banning: "Ask me a serious question."

release year: 2013
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray 2/29/16

synopsis: After a well-planned and well-executed attack, terrorists take over the White House and plot evil...but a lone Secret Service Agent is loose within the building and does his best to stop them.

impressions: It's Die Hard in the White House. Having said that, the movie is grim and realistic - a LOT of people, innnocent and otherwise, meet their end at some point in this movie. A side-effect is that the vast majority of the White House itself ends up destroyed. It's good action with plenty of bad-ass moments.

acting: Gerard Butler is the ex-Special-Forces Secret Service agent stuck in the White House. Aaron Eckhart is the President. Rick Yune is the leader of the terrorists. Morgan Freeman is the Speaker of the House who suddenly finds himself the acting President. Angela Bassett is the Secret Service director.

final word: Tough to watch at times, but probably the most realistic depiction of a White House under attack.

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