Operation: Condor (aka Armour of God 2)

release year: 1997 (U.S.)
genre: wacky martial arts/action
viewing setting: theater, 7/20/97
what I expected: more of Jackie Chan's acrobatic fight scenes, and no plot
what I got: exactly that - but it wasn't as entertaining as I'd hoped

synopsis: You know, I really couldn't make much sense of the plot. That's how Jackie Chan movies tend to be, though - low on plot and high on action. Of late, though (ever since Supercop) he's appeared to be going for the James Bond feel. Unfortunately, this cuts down on fight scenes.

impressions: I wanted more action, and more fight scenes. That's all I can say.

acting: Jackie Chan is purposefully comical, right down to the dubbing. His fight scenes are amazing, though, as is the fact that he does all his own stunts.

final word: If you're a die-hard fan of HK action cinema, you'll need to see this and maybe own it. Not me.

rating: C

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