Original Gangstas

release year: 1996
genre: action/comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/29/00
what I expected: no idea
what I got: fairly basic action

synopsis: As new gangs take over Gary, Indiana, the guys who started the original gang 20 years ago come back to town to clean house.

impressions: It was just like one of the 70s blaxploitation movies, except that everybody was older and fatter. While I realize that a movie like this isn't to be taken too seriously, it still had a major problem: someone would try to kill one of the protagonists, fail, and then be let loose. Later, the same bad guy would end up killing some innocent person. Folks, when someone shows definite intent to kill you, you've got to kill them, or they're going to come back and either kill you, someone close to you, or someone else who doesn't deserve it. Law of the jungle. Anyway...this movie was obviously tailored to fans of Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, Pam Grier, etc. though I found it entertaining. It had some violent fights, with guns and hand-to-hand, and lots of good lines.

body count: a dozen or so

acting: Good enough.

final word: Entertaining, if predictable.

rating: C

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