release year: 2018
genre: wartime horror
viewing setting: home Bluray 4/27/19

synopsis: In World War II, a group of U.S. paratroopers tries to complete their mission behind German lines, but they stumble upon a secfet Nazi lab where really terrible things are happening.

impressions: This was well-done and had a good mix of random wartime violence/events and mad-scientist type horror. Some of the things happening in the lab were pretty gruesome, but there was also a fair bit of combat and senseless death from that.

acting: Joyan Adepo is the main character, a fairly normal kid who just got plucked from his home and sent to war. John Magaro is another, rather coarse soldier. Dominic Applewhite is another one, who unfortunately gets captured by the crazy nazi scientists. Wyatt Russell is the seasoned officer who commands the group. Mathilde Ollivier is a French woman who helps them. Pilou Asbaek (who was Euron Greyjoy) in Game of Thrones) is a Nazi officer and the main antagonist. Jacob Anderson (who was also in Game of Thrones as Grey Worm) is another American soldier.

final word: Pretty good, entertaining war movie with a horror twist.

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