Pacific Rim: Uprising

"But I ain't my father."   - Jake Pentecost

release year: 2018
genre: sci-fi/fantasy/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 8/11/18

synopsis: After the monsters' defeat years ago, a new generation of Jaeger pilots trains in case they ever come back.

impressions: It would be damn near impossible for a sequel to match the original movie and this one doesn't, but it's more of the same: heroes piloting giant robots to fight giant monsters from another dimension. This one has some human villainy though, and a couple of plot twists.

acting: John Boyega is the son of a deceased legend, and has no desire to walk in those footsteps. Scott Eastwood (who looks just like his dad did in times past) is the leader of the training team. Cailee Spaeny is the rebellious young punk who built her own mini-robot and thus gets tapped to learn to pilot a big one. Rinko Kikuchi is the only returning character from the first film. Burn Gorman is a quirky scientist whose work proves critical.

final word: Good sequel, worth seeing.

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