Pawn Stars, season 1

release year: 2009
genre: reality/documentary
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/10-12/2016

synopsis: The Gold and Silver pawn shop has been open in Las Vegas for twenty years, and features a group of employees that's just as varied and unusual as the items that are brought into the store on a daily basis.

impressions: I've watched this here and there when I was put in front of a TV with cable, and I always liked it, so one day recently I decided to take the plunge. The plunge was made easier by the fact that you can get these seasons for under ten dollars apiece. This was the first season, and my DVD set only had 14 episodes, although the official episode count seems to be 25; I haven't solved that mystery yet, but the "missing" episodes are contained within the season two set, so...? Anyway. This is great entertainment, which alternately makes me laugh out loud and watch in fascination at the variety of unusual items that are brought into the shop. Many of them have historical value, or are just neat, while sometimes there's a real oddity, and other times they're fakes or worthless.

acting: n/a, but there are really four main personalities here, plus some experts who are interesting and know their stuff.

final word: Never dull, always entertaining slice of life in a pawn shop.

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