Pawn Stars, season 2

release year: 2009-10
genre: reality/documentary
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/18-26/2016

synopsis: The Gold and Silver pawn shop has been open in Las Vegas for twenty years, and features a group of employees that's just as varied and unusual as the items that are brought into the store on a daily basis.

impressions: There's some confusion about how many episodes were in season 1 and season 2. The DVD sets I have consist of 14 episodes for season 1 and another 32 episodes for season 2. This brings the total to 46 episodes for the DVD sets I can physically hold in my hand right now. However, Wikipedia has a different numbering scheme in which season 1 consists of episodes 1-25 and season 2 consists of episodes 26-58. I guess the important thing is that I've got all the episodes listed. The items that I liked the most included a Shelby Cobra frame (episode 16), a locked treasure chest (episode 17), a 1924 Double Eagle $20 gold coin (episode 32), a 1768 Colonial lottery ticket signed by George Washington (episode 33), an ancient but functional sundial (episode 37), and a Grammy award (episode 40.)

acting: n/a, but there are really four main personalities here, plus some experts who are interesting and know their stuff.

final word: Never dull, always entertaining slice of life in a pawn shop.

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