Pawn Stars, season 3

release year: 2009-10
genre: reality/documentary
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/4-17/2016

synopsis: The Gold and Silver pawn shop has been open in Las Vegas for twenty years, and features a group of employees that's just as varied and unusual as the items that are brought into the store on a daily basis.

impressions: The confusion on episode numbering continues. What I do know is this: the "volume 3" DVD set I have in my hands consists of sixteen episodes, specifically numbers 47 (Trail Breaker, 6/7/2010) through 62 (Getting a Head, 9/6/2010.) You can find a complete summary here. The items that I liked the most included battle plans from Iwo Jima (episode 48), a copy of the very first issue of Playboy (episode 49), a gold bar (episode 50), a WWII grenade (episode 59), and an unopened bottle of 1921 Dom Perignon (episode 61).

acting: n/a, but there are really four main personalities here, plus some experts who are interesting and know their stuff.

final word: Never dull, always entertaining slice of life in a pawn shop.

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