release year: 1978
genre: horror/spoof
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/7/99
what I expected: fish munching on humans
what I got: just that

synopsis: Vicious piranha are accidentally let out of their pool, so they swim downriver toward summer camps and resorts.

impressions: It was pretty hokey, but I think it was meant to be. How else could one explain the extreme stupidity of some of the characters, like the stupid bitch protagonist? Anyhow, this movie delivers lots of blood, some humor, a few flashes of nudity, and something I've never seen in any other film: a weird little iguana/gecko thing that watched humans and hissed, but didn't show up again.

body count: 9 confirmed kills

acting: Pretty much nonexistent.

final word: Somewhat humorous semi-serious horror movie.

rating: C-

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