Piranha 2: The Spawning

release year: 1981
genre: horror
viewing setting: home VHS, 12/4/99
what I expected: fish munching on humans
what I got: flying piranha!

synopsis: Every year at the Elysium Resort, the tourists line up on the beach for a big feast. This year, however, they're on the menu.

impressions: Corny yet entertaining, and it definitely had some unique elements. I'm not just talking about the flying piranha that go right for the throat, either. Other movies may have Jamaican dynamite fishermen, but just remember: this movie did it first. One complaint: this movie had a lot of beautiful young women who DIDN'T GET NAKED! I hate it when this happens. Still, the gore and cheesiness made it entertaining.

body count: 13 confirmed kills, plus a lot more potential kills in the beach feast scene

acting: Decent. This was one of Lance Henriken's earlier roles.

final word: Low-budget horror cheese.

rating: C

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