Piranha 3-D

Novak: "Excuse me, but...is that a f***ing piranha?!?"
Julie: "It's not the only one."
Novak: "Look at this. There were thousands of them...thousands! And they're pissed."

release year: 2010
genre: horror remake
viewing setting: home Bluray 4/27/15 and home DVD, 3/12/13 and 1/12/11

synopsis: An earthquake beneath a lake releases prehistoric piranha, and nobody listens to the warnings.

impressions: This was corny yet entertaining. It had all the basic ingredients: stars in minor/cameo roles, gore, spring break mentality, police who nobody listens to, cheesy and sleazy characters, and monsters. The plot was simple and moved along pretty quickly. There were dozens of funny little moments put there for those clever enough to be paying attention.

body count: 5 as long as I was able to count; at about 55 minutes, counting became impossible as the spring break festivities became a buffet for the piranha.

something this movie has that no other movie has: a severed private part floating in the water, that gets gobbled up by a piranha

acting: Elisabeth Shue is the sheriff. Steven McQueen is her son, who's kind of a dork. Adam Scott is a scientist. Ving Rhames is a deputy. Dina Meyer is a diver. Christopher Lloyd is a fish expert. Richard Dreyfuss cameos as a fisherman who gets to be the first victim.

final word: Good dirty piranha fun.

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