Planet of the Apes

release year: 1968
genre: science fiction
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 4/11/99
what I expected: no idea - I'd never seen it
what I got: pretty neat movie

synopsis: Astronauts bound for Earth get blown off course and end up on a planet where intelligent apes rule and humans are wild animals.

impressions: In turns, this movie fascinated, disgusted, and interested me. The blatant racism...well, it's not even racism, because the humans are the wild animals here. It's a neat premise and I find myself interested in watching the other four movies to see where this goes.

acting: Charlton Heston does a good job; I can't really comment on any of the others.

the good: Genuinely interesting idea, good twist ending.

the bad: The kangaroo court scene made me want to kill the apes.

final word: Good start to what could be a good series.

rating: C+

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