Beneath the Planet of the Apes

release year: 1969
genre: science fiction
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 4/13/99
what I expected: sequelitis
what I got: a lame sequel

synopsis: Another human spaceship crashes on ape-Earth, but this time, the main threat isn't the apes but rather a race of goofy mutated humans with mental powers.

impressions: This had a good premise which was turned to crap by halftime. According to the disc jacket, the producers rejected several plotlines by the creators of the original movie - and this seems to have been the mistake. Instead of something cool, we were subjected to goofy dorks (we quickly dubbed them the "Lortrons") who were even more stupid and petty than the apes! In fact, aside from the three human protagonists and the two good apes, every character in this movie deserved to die.

acting: Decent.

reviewer quote #1: "This is like a bad episode of Star Trek!"

reviewer quote #2: "I for one hope the apes slaughter the Lortrons."

reviewer quote #3: "If not for the sheer entertainment value of the stupidity, this would be entering "F" territory."

reviewer quote #4: "I guess since this got a "G" rating, we can't expect graphic Lortron mutilation."

reviewer quote #5: "We're kind of early in the series for it to be going downhill this fast."

final word: Good start, bad middle, decent end.

rating: D+

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