Point Blank

release year: 1998
genre: action
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/12/98
what I expected: mindless action
what I got: a poor attempt at Die Hard in a mall

synopsis: Some convicts escape and take over a shopping mall, which turns out to be a stupid move.

impressions: While it was lacking in the plot and cohesiveness departments, this movie did have one thing going for it: it kept moving along, and kept the deaths coming. The good guy took out a dozen bad guys by himself, including several sniper shots, a throat-slashing, a neck-breaking, a douse-and-ignite ploy, and a ballistic knife to the throat. Still, all of that can't make up for a basic lack of sensible plot.

acting: Mickey Rourke looked even more puffy-faced than usual - kind of like Roddy Piper. Danny Trejo had a good role as a thoroughly nasty bad guy - something he does well.

final word: Mindless entertainment, worth seeing but only barely.

rating: C-

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