Preacher (season 1)

Jesse: "So you’re saying this Genesis is some sort of...angel demon baby?"
DeBlanc: "If by ‘baby’ you mean the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that would shift the balance of power, threaten all of creation...then yeah, it’s a baby."

release year: 2016
genre: action/fantasy/drama (TV series)
viewing setting: home Bluray 10/13-17/16

synopsis: A young Texas preacher tries to save the people in his little town, most of who don't deserve it, while dealing with the word of God, renegade angels, an alcoholic vampire, a criminal ex-girlfriend, a murderous corrupt businessman, a teenager with a face like an arse, and a lethal cowboy straight out of the 1800s.

impressions: That synopsis should tell you all you need to know; with something like this, you're either going to hate it or give it a try (in which case you still might hate it.) This show has some big shoes to fill, and I'd be lying if I denied a preference for a perfect adaptation of the comic book series. Well, they didn't do it, and so I'll never think this series is perfect. I found it to be slow at times and confusing (at least to those who never read the comics) at others. The lead character is often confused or lacking focus, and almost every other character has flaws and quirks. However, it is entertaining, and kept my interest, which in this crazy world of TV shows and movies and idiots in charge, is probably the best I could hope for. The basic idea (which is finally revealed in episode 6) is this: an angel and a demon did the nasty, and the resulting infant has power on a level with God, but no focus, so it blindly sought out that focus in the form of a human host...Jesse. And now, when he talks using the power, those listening are compelled to obey. He tries to use this power to do the right thing, but ends up causing some problems and animosities that backfire on him and others. And all this time, multiple parties are seeking to get the power that he now possesses. Without giving too much away, I'll close with this: after the season finale, it felt like the introduction phase was over and the show was finally on track.

acting: Dominic Cooper is Jesse, who's given up his badass ways to save souls, and who as I said often lacks direction. Ruth Negga is Tulip, his assertive and thrill-loving ex-girlfriend who still wants him. Joseph Gilgun is Cassidy, an Irish vampire who's hard to understand and who parties too much. Ian Colletti is...well, there's no denying it, he's Arseface. W. Earl Brown is his father, the sheriff. Lucy Griffiths is a hard-working single mother of three who helps Jesse with the church stuff and also clearly is attracted to him. Tom Brooke and Anatol Yusef are two angels whose job it was to safeguard the power that got away and merged with Jesse. Graham McTavish is the ultimate bad-ass, the Angel of Death in the form of a cowboy armed with a pair of antique Colt revolvers that never miss and never run out of bullets.

final word: Once you get past that it's not a direct adapation of the comic series, it's pretty good.

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