Preacher (season 2) (13 episodes)

Jesse: "So, that's...he's the one that's going to rule the world."
Starr: "Like any royal family or Maltese puppy, inbreeding is to be expected."

release year: 2017
genre: action/fantasy/drama (TV series)
viewing setting: home Bluray 7/24 - 8/4/18

synopsis: Jesse Custer and friends continue the search for God in New Orleans, but must deal with a fanatic religious organization and other things.

impressions: This was entertaining, but had some flaws...the biggest being one of adaptation from source material. Imagine: you have an award-winning, critically acclaimed body of work that has a finite duration, a set beginning and end. You've been greenlighted to make it into a TV show and you have the blessing of the creators. Why, then, I ask, would you not just faithfully adapt the source material? Why go in another direction? I don't understand, but I will say this: none of the characters is anywhere near as cool as they were in the comic book.

acting: Dominic Cooper continues to be confused and aimless (not to mention a terrible boyfriend) as Jesse. Ruth Negga is Tulip, his girlfriend whose tendency to do what she wants and not communicate just causes problems. Joseph Gilgun is Cassidy, an Irish vampire who seldom exhibits the strengths or weaknesses you'd think a vampire would. Graham McTavish is the Saint of Killers, and he's the best thing about this season, except for the things the show's done to make him less cool. Pip Torrens debuts this season as Starr, who's in charge of a powerful and secret religious organization. Julie Ann Emery is one of his lieutenants. Ian Colletti is the deformed kid who's stuck in Hell and wants to get out. Noah Taylor is Hitler, another inmate in Hell who helps out.

final word: Once you get past that it's not a direct adapation of the comic series, it's pretty good.

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