Preacher (season 3) (10 episodes)

"I am NEVER going to be your Messiah."   - Jesse Custer

release year: 2018
genre: action/fantasy/drama (TV series)
viewing setting: home Bluray 4/5-11/20

synopsis: Jesse Custer and friends' search for God is sidetracked by Jesse's weird family, the machinations of the Grail, and the plans of Satan - all of which are intertwined.

impressions: As before, this series was definitely entertaining, but the same flaws continue. It's an inaccurate and imperfect adaption of the source material, and I continue to wonder why they didn't just translate it faithfully. That aside, there's a lot of cool stuff here, including but not limited to: vampires, an unstoppable and mean cowboy, Satan, God, the Angel of Death, people coming back from the dead, big guns, voodoo, soul stealing, death matches, gang warfare, and cloning. The show (as with the comic) has a wicked and warped sense of humor.

acting: Dominic Cooper continues to be confused and aimless (and bullied by his grandmother) as Jesse. Ruth Negga is Tulip, his girlfriend whose tendency to do what she wants and not communicate continue to cause problems. Joseph Gilgun is Cassidy, an Irish vampire who seldom exhibits the strengths or weaknesses you'd think a vampire would, and who doesn't seem to understand that Tulip doesn't share his feelings. Graham McTavish is the Saint of Killers, and adds some big notches to his guns this season. Pip Torrens is the evil mastermind Starr, in charge of a powerful and secret religious organization. Julie Ann Emery is his chief lieutenant. Ian Colletti is the deformed kid who's escaped from Hell but is being hunted to get him back there. Ditto for Noah Taylor as Hitler, who's not really reformed after all. Betty Buckley is the twisted and spiteful evil grandmother. Jeremy Childs is her hulking but clever right-hand henchman, and Colin Cunningham is the other one; both are substantially less nasty and demented as in the comics.

final word: Once you get past that it's not a direct adapation of the comic series, it's quite entertaining in a really weird way.

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