Preacher (season 4) (10 episodes)

"It all goes to Hell in the end."   (tagline)

release year: 2019
genre: action/fantasy/drama (TV series)
viewing setting: home Bluray 5/1-4/20

synopsis: The heroes' meandering, often senseless quest finally draws to a close, amidst various parties' plans for the end of the world and/or revenge.

impressions: As before, this series was definitely entertaining, but the same flaws continue. It's an inaccurate and imperfect translation of the source material, and I continue to wonder why they didn't just do this series the right way. In this final season, the differences and stupidities continue...for example, at one point, Jesse just stops what he was doing and heads off in another direction...also, Tulip continues to go back and forth between acting like Jesse's her one true love, and acting like she's interested in Cassidy. At one point, she calls him her best friend, which is idiotic as they've only known each other for a short time in their fictional world. Another thing, characters seemed to move through time and space without effort; in one scene, they're in one continent, and then suddenly they're in another (including their car.) And at one point three months go by for no reason, which made no sense. And some characters just randomly had powers, apparently as the storyline needed them. I just don't get it. To be clear, it's still entertaining, but this is NOT AT ALL what was written in the original comic book series, which was so much better.

acting: For this fourth and final season, I'm not going to discuss each major role. I just don't care anymore. Most of the characters were weak counterparts of their original comic book versions, and/or their storylines were brought to abrupt, rushed, senseless endings here. This was particularly true of the Saint of Killers - the ultimate cool badass was tinkered with, to the point where his motivations and actions often weren't that cool.

final word: This isn't what it could have been (a faithful adaptation of one of the best comic book sagas ever created) and I'm left to wonder why.

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