Prince of Darkness

priest: “Why weren't we told the truth?”
Professor Birack: “Without the technology to confirm? It would have been another legend.”
priest: “But he was our prisoner, not yours!”

release year: 1987
genre: horror
viewing setting: home Bluray 12/3/16 and home DVD, 5/15/05 and 5/30/98

synopsis: An ancient thing is unearthed, and must be studied in a sealed church by a team of experts and grad students. The only problem is, the thing they're studying is actually Satan...and he's ready to get out.

impressions: Okay. I think I've finally figured out what this movie is about: the whole Satan/Christ thing was just a story that grew to protect the masses from the truth: "Satan" as we know him is really just an ancient alien that was trapped in another dimension and is ready to break out. There is no God, that part was just a myth. And organized religion has been lying to humanity for thousands of years. That's my synopsis. As always, you will need to watch it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. This is deep stuff - make sure to pay attention! Other notable features: swarming insects, murderous homeless people, liquid possession resulting in zombie-like people, crazy theoretical physics.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Satan in green liquid form.

acting: Donald Pleasence is the old priest who realizes the magnitude of the secret that's been kept for thousands of years. Victor Wong is the processor who mobilizes his best students to solve the mystery. Jameson Parker is the main student, and Lisa Blount is his love interest and fellow student. Dennis Dun is another, wisecracking student. Alice Cooper is a silent, violent vagrant.

final word: Worthy watching for horror fans, or for anyone who cares to rationally explore the nature of God and the Devil.

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