Prom Night

release year: 1980
genre: horror
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 9/29/97
what I expected: a horror movie
what I got: your basic horror movie

synopsis: Six years ago, a little girl died in an accident caused by four other kids. Now, it's prom night...and someone is out for revenge.

impressions: Whodunit? More properly, who's doing it - who's the killer? Is it the sister of the dead girl? Is it the escaped murderer who took the fall for the girl's death? Is it the weirdo handyman for the high school? Is it Leslie Neilsen? I guess you'll just have to watch the movie and find out! Things of note: the killer growls and makes other weird noises; many of the victims make valiant efforts against the killer; ax retrieval by killer after missing victim; cool decapitation; Jamie Lee Curtis is STACKED!

acting: Nothing spectacular.

reviewers' quotes:
"Could she be ceremonial victim #1?"
"I sure hope so - you know, we've gone a long time without any actual death."

"I've noticed they seem to have more survival instinct than usual."

"Ah! Storage room...potential weapons."

"Who could the killer be? Maybe Leslie Neilsen?"
"It's gotta be him - he has no other purpose in this movie...except to be the killer..."
(later) "Leslie Neilsen was wasted in this movie!"

final word: Entertaining, in both the horror and comedy arenas.

rating: C

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