Richard Pryor: Live in Concert

release year: 1979
genre: comedy concert
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/7/98
what I expected: dated rude comedy material
what I got: some good laughs

synopsis: This is a live 1979 comedy routine by Richard Pryor.

impressions: Well, after watching this I know where Eddie Murphy got much of his style from. Richard Pryor was telling the same sort of jokes, and now I know that he was telling them first. This was decent, it had a few parts that were really funny, but other parts were kinda lame. NOTE: the picture quality of this DVD was inferior, maybe a bad pressing.

acting: N/A, really. He does good white people voices, and good sound effects. He keeps the dialogue moving, too - fast thinker on his feet.

final word: Worth seeing, but probably only once.

rating: C

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