release year: 2005
genre: monster horror/action
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/26/06

synopsis: A scientific expedition and a military special forces unit must band together to survive a trip through the domain of a pack of prehistoric flying dinosaurs.

impressions: It was decent, considering the genre and probably low budget. The action kept flowing, with seldom a boring moment; there was plenty of gunfire and gore; there were a variety of characters. A few minor problems: for the first half of the movie, the pterodactyls seemed immune to gunfire...and then they started being susceptible to it. Also, the head scientist seemed to flip-flop on his motivations several times (did he care more about the scientific value of the creatures, or did he want to rescue the girl?) Also, the number of pterodactyls wasn't always constant. And another thing...a pack of them is attacking humans and then suddenly decide that it's bedtime, and break off the attack. Huh? Well, at least the special effects were good.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Killer pterodactyls.

acting: As mentioned, the head scientist was wishy-washy. The head female scientist did a good job, as did the woman who played the medic. Most other characters were heavy stereotypes (the geek and the bimbo come to mind.) Coolio actually did a good job as the leader of the military unit.

final word: Aside from being the best movie ever made about pterodactyls, it was quite entertaining - a good B-movie.

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