Puppet Master 5

release year: 1994
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/29/13

synopsis: The problems aren't over, as both greedy humans and vengeful demons want the secret of the animated puppets.

impressions: This one could well have been filmed at the same time as #4 - it had the same human protagonists, the same demon antagonist, and a lot of the same elements. To be honest, it was somewhat boring except when the puppets were acting up or fighting the demon. This was quite obviously intended to be the final movie in the series - and with a body count lower than the film's number in the series, it probably should have been.

body count: 3

acting: Gordon Currie was back as the young genius who inherits the control of the puppets. Sutekh the demon was back as a weird-looking monster from another dimension.

final word: Another "the puppets are benevolent now" entry in this series.

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