Curse of the Puppet Master

release year: 1998
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/30/13

synopsis: A father/daughter-run museum has normal stuff, the animated puppets, and some more sinister secrets.

impressions: This sixth entry in the series had the puppets being both good and evil. I guess the father was supposed to officially be the puppet master, and that the puppets had to obey him. Had they actually thought more efficiently, they could have prevented some bad things from happening. Also, the new puppet at the end looked silly. And finally, once again we have people who just lie there and allow themselves to be slashed to ribbons by much smaller, weaker puppets. Doesn't anyone think of fighting back?

body count: 4

acting: George Peck is the evil father pretending to be a nice father. Emily Harrison is his daughter, who doesn't see through his act and who also thinks it's normal to have living puppets hanging around. Josh Green is the somewhat-slow kid who they befriend.

final word: Entertaining, but not quite all there plot-wise or continuity-wise.

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