Retro Puppet Master

release year: 1999
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/7/13

synopsis: In 1944, puppetmaster Toulon explains the past via a flashback to 1902.

impressions: So this was another version of the origin story, which kind of contradicted the similar material from another one of these (was it #2? #3? I really can't remember.) The puppets were all older, more primitive looking versions, and as happens so often in this series, they were good guys this time too. The main bad guys were these somewhat human-looking mummies that wore black coats, hats, and glasses to hide their mummi-ness. Their chief power seemed to be waving their hands to kill anyone within a few feet. However, despite being filled with sand, they could still be strangled and stabbed to death. Those wacky mummies.

body count: 12 humans, 3 mummies, 0 puppets

acting: Greg Sestero is the overly-dramatic young Toulon. Brigitta Dau is the young Elsa who will become the love of his life. The puppets portray themselves, and do it well.

final word: Worth seeing for sheer entertainment value, also as an origin story.

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