Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

release year: 2010
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/9/13

synopsis: In World War II California, a young kid inherits the puppets and uses them against German and Japanese spies.

impressions: This was much easier to watch than some of the past installments in the series. It had a solid plot, strong characters with believable motivations, good acting, and nicely-done period costumes. It also introduced the ninja puppet. Of note: it ends on a cliffhanger, as it's really only the first part of a two-movie story arc (the next movie is Puppet Master: Axis Rising.)

body count: 7

acting: Everyone actually did a realy good job - they all acted like they were back n the early 1940s. The main hero guy kind of looked like the skinny Chris Evans from Captain America.

final word: One of the most entertaining (and coherent) movies in this series.

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