release year: 2000 direct-to-video
genre: giant snake
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/16/01
what I expected: snake cheese
what I got: really cheesy snake cheese

synopsis: Giant python gets loose in and around small town.

impressions: The box pretty much told me everything I needed to know, and told me well: this was your basic giant-snake-on-the-loose movie, made to cash in on the possibilities opened by Anaconda. It was fairly entertaining, and seemed to poke fun at itself and horror movie cliches. There were some plot inconsistencies (python catches a moving truck, then later gets outrun by two kids on mountain bikes; python spits acid early on then doesn't use this same tactic to catch elusive prey standing behind a metal grating.) I guess you have to accept these sorts of things in these sorts of movies.

acting: Actually, most of the young kids did a good job, and the direction was crisp. It was the over-the-top roles (FBI guys) that were worth laughing at.

final word: Worthy snake movie, once only.

rating: C-

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