release year: 1982
genre: monster movie
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/31/99
what I expected: corny monster action
what I got: that, but with some bad acting and dialogue

synopsis: A gigantic bird is nesting in New York's Chrysler Building and picking its food off of the high-rises.

impressions: Entertaining, yet it had some bad sound and mumbling dialogue. There were many funny lines and events, including a cop-disguised-as-a-mime who couldn't seem to get any words out when the monster soared toward him. It was also funny to watch the monster hunting for its food. Director Larry Cohen made sure that gratuitous nudity and gore were rpresent.

body count: 10 killed by monster, 3 killed by sacrificial ritual, 1 shot to death

acting: Pretty bad. Michael Moriarty played one of the most helpless, annoying characters I've ever had to listen to. David Carradine hammed it up as the cop in charge of the investigation.

the good: Lots of funny bits.

the bad: Bad sound editing, plot holes, some terrible dialogue.

final word: basic corny and semi-badly done monster movie

rating: C

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