Queer Eye season 1

release year: 2018
genre: TV reality show (8 episodes)
viewing setting: home streaming 8/8-11/20

synopsis: Five makeover experts, each with a specific area of expertise, work together to help guys in need of new looks or other help getting out of their ruts.

impressions: This isn't something I'd normally watch, but it was recommended to me by my girlfriend so I gave it a shot. And...wow. This show is full of not only genuine positivity and the desire to help others, but also a ton of style and fashion tips that all guys can use. I was consistently entertained and found it to be worth watching.

acting: There are five members of this cast, and each has a particular area of expertise (food, fashion, culture/relationships, design, grooming.) I won't pick a favorite; they are all interesting characters in addition to being helpful. Some of the guys they help are in real need of a kick in the ass to get out of whatever funk they've been in; watching that happen over the course of a week (each episode is a week) is usually amazing.

final word: Entertaining, fun, and practical - great show!

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