Queer Eye season 2

release year: 2018
genre: TV reality show (8 episodes)
viewing setting: home streaming 8/24 - 9/7/20

synopsis: Five makeover experts, each with a specific area of expertise, work together to help people badly in need of new looks or escape from their ruts in life.

impressions: More of the same, like season one. This isn't something I'd normally watch, but it was recommended to me by my girlfriend and I've come to enjoy it. It's not only full of genuine positivity and the desire to help others, but also a ton of style and fashion tips that all guys can use. I was consistently entertained and found it to be worth watching. The people helped in this season are more varied, and include a woman, a social recluse, a slovenly bartender, a hippie, a transgender man, a failed student, a teenaged prodigy, and an unconventional mayor. All of these people live in or around Atlanta, GA.

acting: There are five members of this cast, and each has a particular area of expertise (food, fashion, culture/relationships, design, grooming.) They're all interesting, knowledgable, and helpful. Some of those who they help are in real need of a kick in the ass to get out of whatever funk they've been in; watching that happen over the course of 45 minutes is entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes amazing.

final word: Entertaining, fun, and practical - great show!

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