"Of course the wolf can fly."   - Davis

release year: 2018
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home Bluray 8/5/18

synopsis: A science experiment accidentally infects three different animals, causing them to grow in size and aggressiveness and go on a rampage.

impressions: Cheesy fun. They did a pretty good job adapting an insane video game plot into a movie with plenty of action and humor. These three noral animals get big and mean, people die, the military is ineffective...all the usual things you'd expect. It was silly but I really enjoyed watching it.

acting: Dwayne Johnson yet again brings up a movie with his presence; he's got dominating screen presence and is genuinely funny. Naomie Harris is the genetic scientist who ends up helping him try and stop the wild rumpus. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a shady government guy. Malin Ackerman and Jake Lacy are the evil siblings behind it all.

final word: Great mindless fun.

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