Rapid Fire

release year: 1992
genre: action
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/1/03

synopsis: Young college student, who fortunately knows some martial arts, is embroiled in a war between druglords and the police.

impressions: Pretty good action movie. The plot is simple and moves along quickly, with not only two rival groups of bad guys, but good cops and corrupt cops. This was Brandon Lee's first solo starring role, and he did a great job, both with the acting and the fighting; his career would have had no bounds.

things to watch for: Actually, the first fight (in the safehouse) was really action-packed.

acting: Brandon Lee did a good job as the main lead, and Powers Boothe was also good as the crusty older cop who puts his career above all else. Nick Mancuso did a good Italian mobster job here, and the guy who played Tommy (the Asian gangster) was nasty too.

final word: Above-average action/martial-arts flick.

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