release year: Raptor (2001 direct-to-video)
genre: cheesy dinosaur horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/23/01

synopsis: Dinosaur(s) run around and kill people.

impressions: This was one of those movies that I rented knowing full well what I was in for. It was actually entertaining, but I have since learned some alarming facts about it - namely, it's mostly composed of footage from other movies by the same company. Anyway, things of note: 100% lethality rate of dinosaur attacks, Aliens rip-offs, not one but two teams of commandos, evil Corbin Bernsen, lots of gore and blood, lots of loose ends. Body count was 15, plus an unknown number of dinosaurs (it was impossible to tell how many there were, running around, or which was which.)

things to watch for: 0:32:30 = Titillation. 1:01:00 = bulletproof dinosaurs. 1:13:00 = dinosaur rams through stone wall. 1:14:00 = absolutely no attempt to flee the T-Rex. 1:15:00 = yet another Aliens rip-off.

acting: Eric Roberts somehow comes across as serious in this movie. More importantly, there is a young lady named Melissa Brasselle in this film, and she is very, very easy on the eyes. I found myself more interested in looking at her than seeing who the dinosaurs would kill next.

final word: Entertaining, but only once. See & discard.

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