Voyager of the Seas: Building the World's Largest Cruise Ship

release year: 2000
genre: documentary
viewing setting: home DVD, 5/30/04

synopsis: This is a 3-part documentary explaining the conception, construction, and last-minute finishing of the first of the modern super-cruise-ships.

impressions: Very fun to watch, especially if (like me) you just took a cruise on a sister ship to the Voyager. Part 1 covers the idea, the blueprints, the choosing of a shipyard, and so on. Part 2 deals with most of the actual construction, with many "so that's how they did that!" moments. Part 3 shows the final work being done even as the ship was sailing across the Atlantic, just weeks before its first real cruise. It was interesting to learn that almost everyone who had a hand in building this vessel was from Finland.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A strange Finnish man riding around on a bicycle at random times during the documentary.

acting: n/a, but the narration was top-notch: clear and concise.

final word: A must-see for anyone who likes cruises or ships.

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