release year: 2011
genre: giant monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD 3/3/13

synopsis: Some American college students on vacation in Ireland end up pursued by a giant bird.

impressions: Mildly entertaining, with decent CGI monster effects and a lot of gore, but it also had its share of idiocy. The kids not only had to deal with the bird (a legendary creature known as a roc) but also a bunch of angry locals, some weird sort of Irish hillbillies. This mixture didn't work so well in my opinion. Plus there were some moments of stupidity. When a tire needs to be changed and a giant evil bird is around, use two people: one to change it and one to watch for the bird, and if you see it coming, you have time to take cover. Never make deals with someone who has already gone back on a deal they made with you. And always shoot the bad guy - the one who has ALREADY SHOT AND KILLED ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS - when you have the chance, rather than just letting him go. Seriously, how dumb are kids these days?

activation point: 23:00 - this is when it becomes apparent that some sort of angry giant bird is stalking the group

body count: 8 by roc claws/beak, plus 2 by gunfire and 2 by vehicle

acting: Mediocre, with some of the usual stereotype victims.

final word: barely passable as entertaining giant-monster cheese.

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